New Features: Statistics, Users, Updated History…

We keep creating new tabs in the control panel of Odus. Recent update added the possibility to see the bot’s statistics and to manage users. Also, now it is easier to work with the History tab. But first things first.​

​​We put this tab to your bot’s main menu. Now the conversation history does not depend on the plug-ins. In order to set the right intent you need to select the appropriate plug-in, and then the intent itself.

December 5, 2018

New milestone. New era. New name...

Hi guys, November 6, we will hold the first public release of our service! This is very exciting because we are afraid not to make it. Of course. 😅

Important news - we changed the name of our project! Now we are Odus.

We also changed the site domain – 😎

October 30, 2018
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