How to create a Facebook Messenger bot?

If you are about to set up you bot for Facebook, you are in the right place! Here is your guide through all steps.

To create a bot for Facebook Messenger, you need a Facebook public page for your business/product that you will connect with a bot. If you don't have a public page, you can setup it here:

To integrate your Facebook public page with Odus, you need to do just couple of steps:

  1. Go to "Configure" section in your personal bot setup cabinet and find "Channels" and then in the section with "+" press "Messenger":

Your screen will be changed to connect your Facebook account:

2. Click on "Login" and allow Odus to access your Facebook account:

3. Then choose the appropriate Facebook page you are managing from the list in the section "Select group":

4. Push the button "Connect group". You are done!

P.S. Pressing "Connect another group", you can connect any other Facebook groups under your management :)