New milestone. New era. New name...

Hi guys, November 6, we will hold the first public release of our service! This is very exciting because we are afraid not to make it. Of course. 😅

Important news - we changed the name of our project! Now we are Odus.

We also changed the site domain – 😎

Don't worry, the platform will remain available in both domains for the next 6 months: and

Odus – a smart assistant with AI to automate customer service in chats!

Welcome to the new era. Replace sales and support teams with Odus. 🤖

In December, we broadcast a webinar for you, where we will tell you what's new in our project and how to live with it.

Right now, I suggest you register on the site and be among the first 100 users. The first 100 users will receive 30 days of free access to the Business tariff!

What are you waiting for?

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